Kinu M47 Classic kaffekvarn

4 049 kr med moms Fri frakt för denna produkt!
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1-2 arbetsdagar
  • Högklassig, manuell kaffekvarn i rostfritt stål
  • Unik Morsekona metallkonstruktion, som automatiskt centrerar malverket
  • Tumstopper som underlättar hanteringen
  • Mikrometrisk, steglös reproducerbar och enkel justering av malningsgraden
  • Kaffebehållare i rostfritt stål, fäst med 11 st magneter
  • 47 mm koniskt malverk av professionell kvalitet, Black Fusion -behandling
  • Alla plastdelar tillverkade av livsmedelssäkert ABS
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Kinu M47 Classic manuell kaffekvarn som är utrustad med ett Black Fusion-behandlat och härdat koniskt malverk på 47/32 mm, vardera med med 4 kullager. En högklassig och robust kaffekvarn, som producerar ett jämnt malningsresultat för alla kaffebryggningsmetoder.

Kinu M47 Classic kaffekvarnen har en steglös justering med fin gängning (M10 x 0,5) indelat i en skala på 50. För varje steg i indelningen justerar du malningsvståndet med 0,01 mm.

  • Varumärke Kinu
  • Produktnummer 4323
  • Mikrometrisk steglös justering
  • Automatisk mekanisk stabilisering
  • 47 mm koniskt malverk för snabb malning
  • Klicksystem
  • Kullager storlek (x4)
  • Enkel rengöring, inga verktyg behövs
  • Tumstopper för enkel hantering
  • Bönbehållare i rostfritt stål
  • Kaffebehållare i rostfritt stål, fäst med 11 st magneter
  • Vikt: 1170 g
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Kallis, mutta erinomainen mylly

Erinomainen kahvimylly jossa tukeva rakenne ja tarkka säätömekanismi. Erittäin tasalaatuinen jauhatus ja kykenee jauhamaan kahvin todella hienojakoiseksi. Helppo puhdistaa purettavan rakenteensa vuoksi. Ei mitään valittamista itse tuotteessa, mutta hinta on hurja. Korkeasta hinnasta johtuen myös -1 tähti, koska en usko, että mylly olisi niin paljon parempi kuin esimerkiksi 100eur halvempi malli. Toivottavasti osoittautuu kestäväksi ja pitkäikäiseksi hankinnaksi.

Aika täydellinen

Laatu näkyy ja tuntuu joka yksityiskohdassa. Jos jotain moitittavaa pitäisi keksiä, niin yli kilon paino saa jauhamisen välillä tuntumaan kuntosaliharjoittelulta (ei kai sekään välttämättä huono asia ole).

The best hand grinder, hands down :-)

This is the best hand grinder I have ever used, and I've gone through a few.
Don't be put off by the price tag. You absolutely get what you paid for.

Kinu M47 Classic kaffekvarn

Beautiful and Excellent manual grinder

Impressive coffee grinder

Great product. Beautifully engineered.

Highly functional art

Simply the most beautiful coffee grinder I've ever used. Fine tuning adjustments is as simple as micro turning the dial. Heavy, but does not get stuck when grinding through harder beans. Also comes with a nicely designed case. $$$ and happy with purchase!!

Great product

This is my first hand grinder, and I think it might also be the my last. This grinder is very well built and very solid. With proper care, it will last a lifetime.
It's super easy to use. For someone who never used a hand grinder before, it takes me about half an hour or so to learn the settings and make my first cup of real coffee.
I'm sure it takes more time to really understand the potential of this grinder and I'm exciting to find out.

Worth every penny
Darren Asuncion

Very smooth and precise grinding of your coffee beans. Easy to adjust grind settings for coarse to espresso results. You hold a quality machined coffee grinder in your hands and as well on display. The resale value is up to par. You don’t need to buy any further than this Kinu Classic.

Great, but slippery

This is a great grinder. Everything you've read is true and it's a nice addition to my morning coffee ritual. The only problem I have is that the metal is very slippery which makes me need to grip it especially hard. I have remedied the situation by winding a few rubber bands across the top where I hold it. That being said, you could save a little by getting their mid tier version which has the same burs, but has a nice rubber grip at the top. The all metal looks better, but I think the mid tier grinder is probably more sensible. Overall, I'm still quite happy with my purchase.

Kinu M47 Classic kaffekvarn
George cheng

Order kinu m47 classic , take 8 day to deliver to me . In California. Prefect goods and good

Worth every penny

As a habitual coffee user the Kinu grinder is an excellent upgrade to my kit. Went from a cheap but dependable Hario Skerton so the difference is massive.

The Kinu provides a visibly better grind profile and is insanely fast, 30-40 seconds to get through 18 grams compared to the minutes it used to take in the Hario has dramatically reduced my time from weighing my dose to starting brewing. The build quality is fantastic. Had some problems with static but that has resolved itself within a week of usage. Simple to adjust for a French press (I've been using between 4.5 and 5.5) or Moka pot (the recommended initial setting of 1.5 works great) Haven't cleaned it yet but that looks easy enough to do.

Very happy with the upgrade, would recommend.

Kinu and Crema do not disappoint!

Our first order with Crema went very smoothly and our Kinu grinder arrived very quickly considering it was shipped from Finland to Alaska. Thank you, Crema, for being a well run store. We are enjoying our Kinu grinder every day.

Great grinder and reliable service

First thing's first: the Kinu grinder is a game-changer. Night and day as far as quality of coffee (mainly espresso so far) and ease of use. As for Crema as a company, I first ordered some keychains to make sure they were legitimate as I hadn't heard of them before. Both the keychains and my grinder were delivered well within the promised timeframe and are both of excellent quality.

I highly recommend this grinder, and certainly Crema as a business especially because I could find the Kinu Classic nowhere else. They came through, and I'm a satisfied customer!


Awesome grinder, I use it for travel and pair it with a flair espresso machine. Quick delivery to New Zealand.


After a lot of research, and watching many YouTube videos of coffee grinders in action, (I used to watch James Bond films, I now watch coffee grinder reviews) I chose the M47 Classic Coffee Grinder.

I could not be happier with the grinder, from the first turn of the handle you can feel the quality of design, engineering and build.

The results are excellent, and wile I have not sieved the ground coffee to measure size, a visual comparison shows a very consistent grind at espresso, mocha pot and V60.

100% recommended. (The seller and the grinder)


A pleasure to use.

Best manual grinder

Absolutely love this grinder. Used a Hario Skerton for 2 years and upgraded to this one, pricey but definitely worth it.

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